Why I Needed a Company Smartphone Policy

Company Smartphone PolicyThese days you see everyone with smartphones and folks in general rely on them for practically all forms of communication as well as storing information. The workplace is no exception when it comes to the presence of cell phones as well.

I am an employer and I have employees who use their smartphones for personal as well as work-related activities. Not only this, I also have certain designated employees whom I issue company-paid smartphones.

This situation requires that I have a smartphone policy in place to protect my business in several ways to include liability. In addition to the policy, I subscribe to the Mobile-Spy phone monitoring software to ensure compliance. Keep reading and I will explain more.

Smartphones in the Workplace

When I allow smartphones in the workplace, personal or company-issued, I open the door to all sorts of negative situations to include:

  • Misuse of company-issued equipment. Basically if you are not using the devices I bought for work then you are misusing them.
  • Liability for sexual harassment or hostile work environment. This is a situation where a female coworker sees one of my male employees browsing adult websites on either his personal or company-issued smartphone. All she has to do is file a sexual harassment case and I’m staring at a lawsuit.
  • Misuse of supporting resources (company wi-fi). My wi-fi server is to be used for only work purposes as well.
  • Negative impact on productivity. Doing all this wastes time and impacts productivity severely.
  • Installing non-work apps. I cannot dictate what you put on your personal smartphones but I can with my company-issued smartphones.

When the Employer Issues the Smartphone

facebookWhen I issue smartphones to my employees I have every right to insist that they are used for work purposes at all times. Thus, my policy concerning company-issued smartphones specifies that the above activities are forbidden.

With company-issued smartphones, I also install Mobile Spy software to track everything they do with their devices. Thus, if they doing personal chatting on Facebook or browsing adult websites, I will know because the Mobile Spy app sends the information to me for viewing from my subscriber’s control panel.

Employees Using Their Own Smartphone

My policy also sets limits on employees using their own smartphones for both business and personal uses. I had some employees with a misunderstanding in this area because they were under the impression that since it was their phone they could use it as they want.

However, they cannot use the company wi-fi access any way they want. And even if using their own data plan, they cannot spend the entire day playing games, chatting on Facebook, browsing porn sites, and writing personal emails. Obviously, those activities cut into productive time which I as an employer have a right to demand from my employees since I pay them.

I cannot legally install cell phone monitoring software on their personal smartphones. However, I can check server logs to see if they are using our company’s wi-fi resources for inappropriate web browsing or accessing websites like Facebook during the hours when they are to be working.

I know the importance of having an established smartphone policy for my business and by this point I am sure you see the need also. And Mobile Spy helps me ensure that the policy is complied with. If you are a business owner, make sure that you have both a written smartphone policy and Mobile Spy to help you with compliance.